That's a tough one. I'll put the Pros and Cons and let you decide:



Ethereum mainnet

  • Very large ecosystem, which means more buyers.

  • OpenSea operates with Ethereum and it is the largest marketplace in the world.

  • Gas fees for minting are linearly higher. This means that if you mint 1 NFT on mainnet and 1 on Immutable X, you'd pay a similar amount. However if you mint for example 100 NFTs, if you do that on mainnet you'll probably have to ask for a loan to the IMF. If you mint 100 NFTs on Immutable X, you'd pay the same as if you minted 1.

  • Gas fees for trading are very high, usually in the order of more than $150 per trade or transfer.

Immutable X

  • Minting is super cheap, almost free: if you mint 1000 NFTs you would pay the same as if you minted 1.

  • Trading is literally gas-free and instant.

  • Layer 2s are probably the future and IMX is the first and only Layer 2 built exclusively for NFTs.

  • It's an early ecosystem, which means you can be among the first projects to be here, and potentially capitalize that in the future.

  • Big guys like Coinbase, GameStop, and StarkWare are backing Immutable X.

  • The ecosystem is early (haven't I used this as a pro?). An early ecosystem means a smaller TAM, which means less buyers.

  • There aren't many really big marketplaces powered by Immutable X yet. This in turn means a poorer UX and of course, also less buyers.

So, which one should you choose? It's really up to you know with all the information above the table. You might also want to try our hybrid launch and give your users the ability to choose!

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