If you are wondering whether you should launch on Ethereum mainnet or on Immutable X, then you might want to read our article addressing that problematic.

Now, if you still aren't convinced, you might want to try our new hybrid launch. A hybrid launch gives your users the possibility to pick where to receive the NFTs: on Ethereum mainnet or on Immutable X. In this way, you pass on to them the responsibility of choosing where to receive them instead of making the decision for them. I'll address below the Pros and Cons:



  • People get to choose where to receive it, so everyone will be happy and not forced on something they are not convinced with

  • You'll have a bigger total addressable market: there's always Ethereum evangelists and there's always Immutable X evangelists. You can have them all. And have them happy!

  • Being in more ecosystems and in more marketplaces means more exposure. More exposure is free marketing and more buyers.

  • If your community is quite small, then splitting it into two different ecosystems is not something too good. You'll make the trading matchmaking a lot harder and probably lose sales in the secondary market.

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